What to do when vacationing in Europe

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With its myriad of national cuisines, beautiful languages and diverse regions, Europe is the perfect playground for all adventure holiday seekers. Each country is steeped in such rich opportunities for experiencing challenging adventures. From going on exciting treks  through majestic Alps to swimming with dolphins in the Azores, from wild-life watching trips in Romania to going husky-sledging in fantastic Finland. If you are looking for little more excitement, Europe is the number-one spot because it has everything – bigcosmopolitan cities, adorable sunny beaches, tranquil ancient villages, authentic traditional cuisines and awe-inspiring sights that will leave you breathless and make your holiday unforgettable.

Aurora Borelis, Finland

If you want to see magic, visit Finland. Seeing the northern lights or Aurora Borelis, the most spectacular light show in the world, will unquestionably be a once-in-a- lifetime experience. Watching the dance of unearthly colors and enjoying the beautiful sounds in a remote village of Nellim will be like a dream come true. Spend your days cross-country skiing or snowmobilling while searching for the right spot to experience this natural phenomenon. There are many viewing points you can go to, but bear in mind that their appearance is unpredictable, and they are the most visible from September to March.Image result for What to do when vacationing in Europe

Wildlife adventure, Spain

Discover Spain’s natural beauties and many animal specias such as Iberian imperial eagle, Iberian lynx, brown bear and 560 bird species. Ther’s also plenty to find out about the conservation programmes and protection of species such as the world’s rearest cat, the iberian lynx. You can join one of the expert-led group trips and find out more about Spain’s unique flora, its beautiful forests and spectacular landscapes. Going on a wildlife adventure will give you an ooportunity to experience Spain from whole different perspective.

Ice climbing, Switzerland

If you have a great sense of adventure, be bold and try ice-climbing a glacier in mountainous Switzerland. You do not have to have experience as there are many courses for beginners where you will tackle the first steps of mountaineering. Once you try it, you will fall in love with this extraordinary mountain sport. Also, you can stay in a comfortable lodge or in local huts, bring your own food and enjoy the most scenic alpine panorama in the world. Naturally, choosing appropriate place for ice-climbing depends on the weather conditions.

Hiking in Montenegro Wilderness

Montenegro is a tiny country in the Balkans and it is famous for untouched wild nature, full of beaten tracks and deep and dark forests. It’s a perfect destination for hiking-lovers. It gives you a great opportunity to experience the raw beauty of stunning gorges and cliffs and to enjoy in the wildlife of 3 National parks. You’ll have the chance to see mountain lakes and soak in the beauty of river Tara where you can try thrilling Montenegro rafting – it will boost your adrenaline and become a moment that counts. Finally, after a long day of hiking, don’ forget to try some of the traditional delicious dishes of Montenegro and meet the friendly locals.

Swim with dolphins, Portugal

If you have ever dreamt of swimming with one of the most amazing sea creatures- dolphin, Azores in Portugal is the perfect place for you. Put on your diving equipment and feel clear blue waters of the Atlantic while swimming with these exquisite and playful sea mammals. It will be a very emotional experience and it will surely become a lasting memory. What’s more, you will be guided by specialists and qualified biologists where you will have an opportunity to learn more about marine conservation. They will also help you strengthen your confidence while in the water, and they will be more than glad to answer any of your questions.

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