What To Do If You Get Lost in Rome

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When you visit a foreign city, you must plan everything ahead: choose the hotel you want to stay in, what attractions you want to visit, how you get to them, what you do each day and also what transportation option from the hotel to the city is the best for you.

You have many options for Rome airport transfers, from public transportation to taxis or renting a car. You have to think which best fits your interest and, of course, your budget.

But no matter how well you plan your holiday, always expect to get lost in Rome. So what do you do if this happens? Well, you could make the best of it. Yes, it might be quite frustrating if time does not allow you to get lost. In this case, look for a cab and tell the driver to take you to your destination. If time is not an issue, then take this opportunity to roam the scenic streets of Rome and see what you will discover. As advice, try not to do this at night as you don’t know what you might stumble upon.


Straying off the paths beaten by thousands of tourists might turn to your benefit. You will discover local restaurants with authentic, traditional food, meet the locals or shop in authentic boutiques. The best part is that you never know what is around the corner. Getting lost will make you more self-aware of the surroundings and will test your navigation skills. Maybe you will be panicked at the beginning, because the unknown is always scary. But once this feeling dissipates, you will start to see the beauty of the unseen Rome, that seen only by the locals.

So when you visit Rome, just get your mind around the fact that having a map, a checklist of places to visit, a guidebook and even Google maps will do you no good. You will get lost in Rome, unless you travel in a group, with a guide. But if you travel alone, take the leap and venture into the labyrinth of streets. Those little alleys are so beautiful to walk through, that you will get a much nicer experience than knowing exactly what your next step will be and what you will do in the next 10, 15, 30 minutes. And if you think that you got too lost, you can always hail a cab and go wherever you want.

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