What is destination wedding and why is Italy a perfect destination?

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 A particular trend concerning both wedding and tourism operators worldwide seems to have been prevailing in recent years: ‘destination weddings’, i.e. weddings where the brides and the grooms decide to get married in a country or city that is different from their own. These are couples that fell in love with a particular country in a previous trip or couples where one of the partners is foreign and wants to get married in his/her country of origin. Generally, money is not an issue with those who opt for a destination wedding.

In Italy, destination weddings have become a well-established practice and the flow of foreign spouses who decide to set their wedding in the “bel Paese” is virtually uninterrupted.

Foreign spouses who decide to get married in Italy are mostly English, Americans, Canadians but Russians too. Italy’s pleasant climate is such that fantastic weddings can be celebrated as early as May until late October, especially in the South.

What about the food? If you are in love with Italian food and indulge in a renowned catering or restaurant, you will be able to taste both the best ingredients of Italian cuisine and find out the culinary experimentation in 2017.

To set up a wedding in Italy you will obviously need an excellent wedding planner capable of organizing a fairy tale wedding and who is excellent at communicating via the Internet. Not only do these professionals arrange magical wedding themes for spouses from all over the world but they put them in touch with the best wedding photographer, the best florist and so on.

As regards destinations in Italy, you are spoilt for choice, from the North to the South. In the North, two fabulous cities of art, namely Venice and Verona must not be forgotten. Two cities that are not only rich in architectural and artistic beauties, but which have been the setting of many love stories, both real and literary. Still in the north, Lake Como and Lake Garda, for those who want a VIP wedding. Moving down to Central Italy we find Tuscany and Umbria, the latter being a region that has always been considered the green heart of the country. In the South, instead, the Amalfi Coast is a must-destination.

The couples can also choose from a wide variety of reception locations which range from prestigious period villas to medieval castles, from country-chic style homes to modern resorts.

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