Vacation Planning 101: Perks of the 21st Century

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The modern world revolves around technology – we even use apps for calling cabs nowadays. This being said, tech innovations have integrated themselves deeply into the world of travel, and modern vacation planning has been made easier with the perks that the 21st century offers us. Below, you’ll find a list of top websites and apps that can help you organize your travel much faster and easier.


This app will help you throughout the entire vacation planning process – it is the largest repository of destination reviews, ratings, photos and other data on the entire Internet! In fact, the array of information that TripAdvisor has in offer is so widespread that you are more than likely to find it on other similar platforms. TripAdvisor is really vacation planning 101 as it allows youto quickly and seamlessly gain all the necessary destination data wherever you’re planning on going!Image result for Vacation Planning 101: Perks of the 21st Century

User-friendly and very easy to navigate, this website will help you filter available hotels in accordance to your preferences. Vital information such as location, price, deals and reviews are included, so you can book a room very easily. The confirmation(s) are made available offline, which is a great thing, as you won’t have to print out the confirmation documentation – it’ll all be stored on your preferred portable device. Additionally, offers a unique benefit of a ‘pay later’ option, which means that you can book a room and pay for it later, without having to worry about the room being given to someone else.


This app is becoming more and more popular as it is perfect for backpackers! If you are looking for a cheaper or a more interesting place to stay, Airbnb will help you find everything from loft apartments to cozy basements that are available for rent for short periods of time. This app allows you to get directions, access your itinerary and even contact your host.

This app is excellent if you find paying with cash for your dream holiday difficult, as it allows you to pay for it over time. By making it possible for you to make interest-free monthly payments via your own card over the course of 2 to 6 months, you no longer have to save up for a holiday or apply for loans with hefty interest rates. With locked-in exchange rates, allows the user to seamlessly work past the inconveniences that fluctuating currency rates may cause, which makes this website a perfect tool for saving up on your vacation.


If you are planning to go on a vacation,but still can’t decide where you’ll be staying, the Kayak app will help you by comparing data from a wide variety of travel sites in order to provide you with the best deal possible – it is really big data for travel. You can compare everything from flights and hotels to cars and other rentals here, but also access a flight tracker and itinerary management to make sure that you keep on track with your locations and with your travel timeline. Additionally, Kayak allows you to look up vital flight data, such as baggage fees, airline numbers and other airport information.

The mentioned apps and websites were designed to make your holiday a truly relaxing experience, which allows you to get fully immersed into your new surroundings. Feel free to check these out and enter the 21st century travel well prepared.

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