Unique Adventures

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Southeast Asia is an enticing region where you embark on a vast array of celebrating experiences from leisure beach relaxation to thrilling mountain challenges. Our travel experts have come up with some of the most brilliant ideas of a life time journey that worth any effort and adventuring mind :

Great Wall Trek and Camp, China

If there is a place that you can travel through time, back to the past and get further insight into Chinese history, it should be the Great Wall. Known as one of the seven World`s Wonders, it is now you can do further hike and settle your camp in the remote part of the wall. This defining experience allows you to soak up the local culture from town to town while on the trek you are free to behold the stunning view as far as the eye can see.
The trek can be conducted year round as you can make it happen in different provinces of China.


Motorcycling in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Most of visitors flocks into Siem Reap to appreciate the uniqueness of Angkor Temples by foot , bike or car, however, motorcycling provides you a very distinguished access that no other transportation has.
For 3 days guided ride, you will have a great chance to encounter not only the famous site but can also travel as far as the ruin less-known capital of Kokeo and importantly traversing numerous Khmer villages for an authentic touch to the local life.

Dive, Kayak in Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Boasting some 800 remote islands, Mergui is one of the last paradises in Asia that the tourism radar has not reached. The archipelago has everything to offer for all divers from amateurs to professionals.
Azure water with thick light, diverse marine life, pristine coral reefs, untouched underwater caves … are ideal condition for a signature adventure that you will never forget.
Some Myanmar Tours with private option for chartered yatch are now the exclusive expeditions that you can book so far.

Spotting Wildlife in Sunderbans, India

The national park of Sunderbansis home to many types of tigers and numerous animals. It is located in the far north area with truly natural riches. Your trek is filled with jungle crossing, nature camp and authentic touch to hill tribe markets.
The adventure to X requires some sort of intrepid mind as well careful preparation but it is totally deserved.

Trek and homestay in MuongKhuong, Vietnam

If you look for a place that treasures the typical beauty of Vietnam mountains where tourist radar does not reach, it should be MuongKhuong. This picturesque area has so much to offer from colorful, weekly hill tribe market to otherworldly rice terraces and fascinating hamlets. Sapa Travel Expert, a local Sapa tour operator offers stunning tour to uncover the charm of MuongKhuong with 2 nights homestay, mingling with local and experience how they live.
Farm work and cooking class demonstration is just an additional advantage that you will receive beside the friendly encounters.

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