Top Reasons To Visit Ireland In 2016

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If you have always been curious about the Irish folks, due to their amazing accents, their good beer, or their rich cultural heritage, then now is the time to book your trip. The Irish Travel Bureau will help you set up your travel itinerary to include some of the most lucrative places as well as the most amazing events in your plans. There is no point wasting time learning the dialect, as this really changes every 20 miles within the country, and the folks will gladly help you out once you arrive. Instead sit back and let the shows and people make your travel very enjoyable, while playing a game of golf on one of the best internationally acknowledged grounds.


Programs To Attend in the Summer

Ravelóid is a Music Festival that is going to be organized for the first time in the beginning of June 2016. The two day event will be focusing on the “Irish language” and will include music, comedy, dance, literature, discussions, and workshops on fivestages. This event will be particularly interesting for any travelers from abroad, as they can get a glimpse into the true Irish culture and arts. Other Programs like the Galway Arts Festival can be interesting for families as well as solo travelers. The town of Tribes delivers a very unique and invigorating cultural experience from the middle until the end of July with the parties, shows and outdoor plays. There is much to see and get involved in, so it is best to get your bookings lined up with these dates.

Fall Programs That Strike An Interest

Although most people relate Ireland with rugby, on September 3rd, 2016, there will be a great game of college American Football in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. Most Irish think that this is a soft game and rugby is the real manly sport, therefore this match-up between Boston College and Georgia Tech should get very interesting to watch. If you are travelling to the island in late fall, there are also great Halloween programs that might strike an interest. The Banks of The River Foyle Halloween Festival  welcomes 25,000 people annually in Derry- Londonderry. There are programs for families to enjoy, including plays, haunted houses, shows as well as fireworks for all. This is a festival that is one of the largest ones ever organized in Europe.

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