Top 5 Places that You Can Visit for Free in Amsterdam

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You can easily end up spending a small fortune in Amsterdam since it’s a marvelous, charming city, which has a lot of cultural attractions. Also, you probably already know that Amsterdam is far from being a cheap destination. However, this is why we have looked for the top places you can visit free of charge, to experience the real vibe of the city, and avoid returning home penniless.

  • The Canal Ring

Did you know that Amsterdam has more canals than Venice? The canal ring was built back in the 17th century, as a means to facilitate the city’s development. However, even though the Canal Ring had, first and foremost, a functional quality, it soon became a major attraction point for tourists, building the unique charm of the city.

In order to get a picture of how valuable it is, the waterways are protected by UNESCO. Hence, wandering along the canals is as if you were walking in an open air museum, only that with a steaming cup of hot coffee in your hand.Image result for Top 5 Places that You Can Visit for Free in Amsterdam

  • Bejinhof

The Bejinhof provides travelers with the unique chance of enjoying a peaceful afternoon in a remote site. It’s highly recommended to take the time to explore this secret garden which accounts for an oasis of houses dating from the 14th century and beautifully arranged gardens.

  • Oosterpark – a mixture of cultures

Amsterdam has earned its reputation for promoting multiculturalism. Oosterpark clearly demonstrates this feature, as it illustrates acceptance and variety. It accounts as a drawing point for diverse local crowds, and throughout the summer, it hosts a large range of festivals. Additionally, there’s a speaker’s stone, where people may speak their minds openly, every Sunday, starting from 13:00.

  • Explore the area of Noord

Noord accounts for a distinct neighborhood based in Amsterdam. The best thing about visiting Noord is that you can take the ferry there free of charge. Also, note that streets such as Schellingwouderdijk and Nieuwendammerdijk were initially constructed as dikes, which is one of the most unusual things, indeed, a must-see.

  • Stadsarchief

If you’re a history aficionado, you should certainly include Stadsarchief on your Amsterdam bucket list. Stadsarchief stands for city archive and presents the far-reaching historical background of the place to eager visitors through a variety of compelling exhibitions. The entrance to the basement is free of charge, while other exhibitions aren’t. Nonetheless, only gazing at the building is worth your time.

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