Tips for Travel with Small Children

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It is great to be able to share a family summer vacation with the children in our lives, but it has its challenges. Keeping them happy, safe and entertained along the way is easier said than done sometimes. Here are a few tips to help you along on your journey.

  • Make them carry their own bag

Don’t expect to see a 5 year old carrying a full sized suitcase, but it both helpful and a learning experience for a young one to carry some sort of bag. This could be a backpack or a small rolling suitcase. In case they lose it, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. But put in a few lightweight items, such as coloring books, snacks and their teddy bear.  It will teach them responsibility, to keep track of their own bag, and to get them in a habit of being packed and ready when it is time to go from place to place.

  • Pack comfortable, casual clothes for them

Layered clothing, that can easily transition from temperature to temperature can be packed efficiently.  Good items to bring are fun, comfortable clothing, that gives them good range of motion, without binding. The Tea Collection has great travel clothes for kids.

  • Bring a first aid kit

Be ready for booboos. Have bandaids and antiseptic and any other medications the child may need on hand.

  • Have your contact information on the child’s person

When you are traveling, put a piece of paper or a card in the child’s pocket with your name, cell phone number and what hotel you are staying at in that area. If your child would get lost, they may not be able to communicate or even remember those things. It could help you become reunited.

  • Teach your child that police are their friends

Teach a child how to recognize a police uniform, in the area where you are traveling. Make sure they know that if they get lost, a policeman will always help them and keep them safe.

  • Encourage children to document the trip

If they are old enough to take photos or write, have them record the special memories that they are creating. If you get them involved in this process, they will have fewer random moments of boredom that disrupt the fun. They will also learn to savor every moment.

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