Three Fantastic Free Attractions In London

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London is one of the most exciting, vibrant and entertaining cities in the world. Whether you are a sports fan, a lover of history and culture, someone who enjoys the arts or you’re a sucker for sight-seeing, England’s capital city has it all.

A number of these things can be difficult if you’re purse strings are a bit tight, but don’t you worry because there are plenty of fantastic free attractions all over the city waiting for you to enjoy. To help you find the greatest available, here are three of the best.

Free Tours of London


There are a number of tours available around the capital simply because of the scale so it can often be hard to filter the good from the bad. One which offers a number fantastically interesting tours and is absolutely free to attend is Free Tours of London. The great thing about this tour company is that you merely need to find out the tour starting time, which is available on their website, and then head to the meeting place in plenty of time.

They offer a number of different tours so that there is at least one to grab the interest of your average tourist. They offer an Old City Tour which is perfect for first timers in the city, as they walk you around the classic sights of Big Ben, The Tower of London, St. Pauls Cathedral and many more. If that doesn’t interest you, get immersed in the recent cultural history of London on the Soho Tour, which brings you many a tale from Beatles and the Rolling Stones to the previous residence of Karl Marx.

They also offer a Jack the Ripper walk, which is sure to scare the socks off anyone attending and also a Royal tour which shows you the sights and stories of our monarch. If none of those are to your taste they also offer a very good pub crawl.

The London Museums

London has a number of different museums displaying some of the most historically and culturally significant exhibitions in the world. From science to art and from the armed forces to British culture, London has a superb museum that covers it. However the greatest thing about a number of Lodnons best museums is that they are free to enter.

Here is a list of the top free museums worth visiting:

  • The Imperial War Museum, Lambeth: All of these museums exhibitions tell gripping tales of the impact of conflict from the First World War onwards. One of their most staggering exhibitions everyone should see is the Holocaust exhibition.
  • V & A, Knightsbridge: Developed by Queen Victoria and named after her and Prince Albert, the V & A displays an incredible 150 galleries, with art and artefacts collected from all over the globe ranging from on show. The building itself is beautifully Victorian, therefore is doubly enjoyable.
  • The British Museum Bloomsbury Street: Holding one of the largest collections of artefacts in the world, the British Museum has millions of pieces to display, so many in fact that they can’t all be on exhibition at one time. One of the most impressive things on display is their collection of medieval artefacts.
  • The Science Museum, South Kensington: Probably the most interactive of the museums is the Science Museum. From Apollo 10 flight simulators to its exhibitions of medical history, you can touch, feel and smell every part of this fantastic museum.
  • The Natural History Museum, South Kensington: From dinosaur fossils to live sized sculptures, the Natural History museum really gives you an understanding of the scale and beauty of creatures past and present, particularly superb for children, being both educational and entertaining.

London Parks

Because of its staggering size, London is home to a number of colossal and superb parks, full of attractions, but most importantly open space, allowing you to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Those more than worth visiting include:

  • Hyde Park: The sheer scale of this park is breath taking (350 acres) and it has everything to offer. With So much space it’s easy to find a quiet place to relax, elsewhere there are sights to see with the serpentine bridge, the Joy of Life fountain, Diana Memorial Fountain and the Achilles statue. There are also plenty of parks and sports pitches to keep children entertained all day.
  • Regents Park: Partly dwarfing the huge scale of Hyde Park is Regents which stands at an impressive 410 acres. This park too has everything to offer including beautiful gardens, sports pitches, London Zoo, a lake and its greatest free attraction, Primrose Hill. From the hill you can get one of the best panoramic views of London the capital has to offer
  • Hampstead Heath: If views are really your thing then you might want to try the Heath. A truly romantic park, Hampstead Heath not only offers stunning views of the city, but a peaceful escape from city life.

This list only offers three of the fantastic free attractions London has to offer, all of which could fill a weeks’ worth of fun. It’s important to be aware of the free attractions whenever you visit the capital because they prove you can experience the city without the problem of bankrupting yourself.

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