Three benefits of booking a serviced apartment over a hotel

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When it comes to planning a weekend away, a visit to family or even a holiday the first thing to consider is where you are going to stay. There are so many hotel chains these days that we often settle for one of the more recognised names, assuming it is a fair enough deal. However there is another option aside of hotels which has lots of benefits as well as being cheaper, they are serviced apartments. Here are 3 benefits you can enjoy by opting for a serviced apartment instead of a hotel.

The Cost


Already eluded to as a benefit in the introduction is the cost of a serviced apartment. The cost of an average hotel in a city location can set you back anywhere from £100-£150 for a one night stay if you decide to book within a fortnight. If you decide to go for a serviced apartment instead you might be surprised at the cost. You could pick up an apartment, which offer far more room an comfort for at least the same price or even potentially less.

Speaking to serviced apartments provider Your Space Apartments, they said that “one of the best common pieces of feedback from our customers is their surprise at the cost and subsequent value for money. Often people looking for an apartment instead of a hotel are willing to spend a little bit extra for the comfort it provides, however this shows that you don’t need to be willing to afford one, because they are as cheap as hotels.”

The comfort

Unless by some large stroke of luck you get an upgrade to some kind of presidential suite, when we stay in hotels there is very little room to relax. Whether you have an hour to kill or need somewhere to relax the morning after a particularly heavy night on the booze, an average hotel room provides little more than a bed, which is neither sociable to sit on or designed to relax on without dropping off. This forces you out of the room in search of a nearby coffee shop, an added expense you probably don’t need.

These are all issues that can be avoided by booking a serviced apartment instead. The majority of them have ample living areas which allow you to relax in, watch television, socialise with your company and begin your day. They also come with fully furnished kitchens which means at the very least you can knock together a coffee and pastry in the morning with little or no extra cost, whilst not having to face the outside world.

The practicality

Another annoying thing about staying in hotels is the meal times, particularly breakfast. If you are on a weekend break and are looking to relax and enjoy yourself, you are increasingly unlikely to rise in time for the standard 7-8 am breakfast times. This often leads to unnecessary dining out just because you enjoy your shut eye.

The culinary benefit of staying in a serviced apartment is that you can plan your meal times around your timetable, by using the full kitchen facilities to make whatever you like. Serviced apartments come fully kitted out with utensils and appliances so that it won’t feel so different to making something at home, and it’ll most probably be much better for your health.

Practically speaking, hotel rooms aren’t great to spend any amount of time in unless you are asleep. If you are having a weekend away meeting friends or family then you might like somewhere private to socialise before you head out on whatever escapades you have planned.

With a serviced apartment you have ample room to welcome guests for socialising before you head out. This gives you much more time to enjoy your company instead of spending hours working out which pub or restaurant is best to meet at in geographical relation to the day’s entertainment.

The brilliant thing about serviced apartments is that they are currently not as popular as hotels, so not only are they great value for money, spacious and practical but they are also readily available in cities all over the UK and major cities around the world. Next time you are planning a trip to a city, take a look at an apartment before you check those hotel comparison sites, because you will be pleasantly surprised.

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