Take A Guided Tour Of Naples – A Southern Italy Jewel

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When we think of Naples, the first things that come to mind are usually crime and pizza. Crime and crime syndicates probably sprang up two weeks after Adam and Eve left the Garden. Crime has always been with us and every city probably has more crime than it has pizza parlors. For visitors, especially when they follow the direction and advice of a tour guide, Naples is just as safe as any city and the Napolitanos are as warm and friendly as everywhere else in the friendly and gracious country of Italy.

While it is true that stories of muggings are frequently heard, private tours of Naples keep the traveler safe and in addition to this, guided private tours of Naples assure visitors that they won’t miss anything of importance.

We alluded to the sight of pizza parlors on every corner in our cities. This wonderful and highly popular food, almost unknown prior to WWII, was “discovered” by our soldiers when they stormed into Southern Italy in 1945.

Back home they longed for more of that great pizza they enjoyed during their time in Italy. And soon pizza parlors began springing up on street corners all over the country while traditional Italian restaurants began featuring pizza on their menus as well.

Being a jumping off point for visitors to Pompeii, Capri and Sorrento.

There is no other place in the world quite like Pompeii and it’s surely a must-see for any globe-trotter. Capri carries such a romantic background that lovers in particular can hardly resist its charms. The old song dating back to 1934, “T’was on the Isle of Capri that He found Her” lives on today eighty or so years after its creation. Sorrento too, causes romantic feelings to escalate due to its fame in song and tradition as well. Guided private tours of these sites promise much more than the often colorless wanderings of the tourist visiting these sites for the first time. A guide can offer the expertise of the language itself. While many Italian merchants speak at least some English, a tour guide can deal much more clearly and directly, making sure that nothing gets “lost” in the translation.

But Naples itself, this thriving city, offers so much more than its famed pizza. Private tours of The Duomo, a cathedral built in the thirteenth Century in the Gothic style and dedicated to Naples’ patron saint, Januarius, are high on every visitor’s list. To visit Il Duomo is to visit an impressive and beautiful bit of history. Each year during the festival, a vial the blood of the Saint Januarius (San Gennaro) is brought from its place of storage in the hope that one day it will liquefy. If at all possible, this would be a good time to schedule your visit in order to enjoy the festival that accompanies this historic event, but at all times of the year Il Duomo is an impressive and beautiful sight every visitor to Naples should see.

Of course no trip to a famed city with such a storied history would be complete without doing some shopping at the Piazza del Mercato, a large and famous market known for its authentic Italian merchandise. Guided private tours of Il Mercato not only make certain the visitor doesn’t get lost but even more importantly, make sure each visitor is treated fairly and honestly. While the vast majority of Italians are not only open and friendly, every country has a “mela marcia” (bad apple) here and there.

When a tourist doesn’t speak the language and finds the Euro a bit confusing, it’s easy to come out losers on a purchase. Certainly you’ve been warned about the infamous pickpockets that abound not only in Italy but all over Europe. We often think (mistakenly) that no pickpocket is going to “take” us, but in reality, these highly trained individuals might otherwise be professional magicians had they chosen to go straight. They can shake you down and strip you clean in seconds while you haven’t the faintest idea of what they’re doing. Again, a private tour guide is your best defense against this sort of aggression.

In 1737 the Teatro San Carlo opened its doors to the public and today boasts that it is the world’s oldest opera house, a monument that has survived cataclysms and wars to remain standing today. A private tour of the Teatro helps the visitor to understand and appreciate the beauty of its radiant colors and you can recapture the sense of the former aristocracy in its heyday when enchanting operas were being performed here.

“Find the best shore excursions: private tours of Italy may be arranged to visit Villa Floridiana in Italy, originally a gift from King Ferdinand for wife Number Two, this estate is not to be missed, featuring original furnishings, and its outstanding gardens.”

The National Museum of Ceramics features over six thousand pieces, not only European, but from as far away as Japan.

In Roman times, no city was complete without its coliseum. Naples is no exception with its Anfiteatro Flavio, at one time the third largest stadium in all of Italy. Over 20,000 spectators watched the gladiators struggle through their bloody battles. A guided tour of the stadium as you weave your way through broken columns, makes sure you see and understand the intricate, and at the time, modern mechanisms, used to operate the elevators, etc.

A guided tour of sites such as Pompeii is a must. Your tour guide will make certain that you understand the context of the surroundings, and your private tour will also take you on a tour of Herculaneum, another nearby city that suffered the same fate as Pompeii. Less-known and less frequently visited, the crowds are usually smaller, making this a worthwhile visit as well.

The Villa Comunale, once a strip of seaside once only open to the royalty, boasts lovely walkways, an ancient aquarium, fountains, a tennis club and even a bandstand for evenings under the stars.

A guided underground tour right in the center of Naples takes you underground to visit ruins of the ancient city, its reservoirs and you’ll learn more about how the city has been built up and changed and re-changed over thousands of years. Former visitors say a tour guide made this one of the best features of their entire visit to Naples.

A guided tour of the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte is certainly not to be missed. This museum features works by some of the world’s greatest painters.

And private tours of the Castelnuovo are most desirable. While Castelnuovo may translate to “New Castle” it actually dates from the Middle Ages and is now a museum as well. It features a gallery of 19th Century Italian paintings. Your tour guide will also make certain you don’t miss the magnificent view of the city.

Tour Naples, a souvenir memory you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. There is only one Napoli in the entire world!

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