Sri Lanka tours as a sustainable economy

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Sri Lanka has long been an emerging tourist destination in Asia and in marketing Sri Lanka tours; the tourism industry is recently looking at the ‘green tourism’ or sustainable tourism perspective. This initiative has occurred to the Chairman of Sri Lanka tourism because of the fact that there are now many travelers on the lookout for green tourist destinations. In fact, about a third of the world’s travelers are even willing to spend more on hotels that prove to be environmentally friendly.

So what exactly is green tourism or sustainable tourism? This can be defined as the travel to natural destinations that focus on preserving the environment and improving the welfare of the local community. In doing so, sustainability is ensured. In terms of Sri Lanka tours, this sustainable tourism development policy is based on three main factors.

  1. Completely ensure that no negative impact is imposed on the environment when developing any tourist activities and for the tourism industry to actively contribute in conserving the natural environment.
  2. Make sure that the economic benefits deemed by the tourism industry in Sri Lanka are shared with the society.
  3. Ensure that visitors on Sri Lanka tours experience a pleasant stay so that they will come back for another holiday and also recommend Sri Lanka as a must-visit destination to their friends and family.

These are a few initiatives taken by the tourism industry in promoting green Sri Lanka tours.

  • Several hotels are certified for energy and water savings, waste management and community involvement.
  • Many hotels encourage guests to plant a tree during their stay at the hotel. The tree is uniquely identified and the progress of this tree is reported on a website for the guest to keep a track of.
  • Sri Lanka tour agencies hire vehicles from private owners for transportation rather than adding a whole new fleet of their own vehicles to the roads of Sri Lanka.
  • Encourage guests to visit shops nearby hotels with an aim to upgrade the neighboring community.
  • Encouraging rural youth to be trained in the hotel industry.

Blue Lanka Tours claim to be a part of this sustainable tourism industry by arranging accommodation with many of these hotels who are environmentally friendly and they themselves promote green tourism to all their Sri Lanka tour clients.

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