Safety Essentials for any Adventure Tour

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Adventure travel is no longer limited to visiting rundown museums and horror houses. Among modern travellers, adventure tours consist of activities that enable people to engage and participate. These activities pose real threats to one’s personal safety which makes them more thrilling and adventurous. However, one bungee jumping adventure or white water rafting experience is not worth losing your life. This does not mean that you should forgo such activities, but rather approach them with caution. The following are some safety tips that will enable you to stay safe during such tours.

Pre-Travel Health Exam

Before you book Cape York adventures tours, you need to ensure that you are well enough to travel. Although you might feel fine, you never know what’s going on inside. For example, in a fly drive, not only are you travelling in a plane, but you will be cruising around the island in a four-wheeler too. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are in the right medical condition. Your body might not be able to handle high levels of tension that adventure tours may pose. Thus, get yourself examined by a medical doctor before you book the tour.

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Safety gear

Whether you are planning on a simple hike or a scary skydiving experience, it is important to have the necessary safety gear for the activity. This is essential to ensure your personal health and safety during the activity. The equipment can change according to the nature of the sport and its potential risks. Regardless of the type of activity that you are interested in, you must keep certain essentials with you at all times. These include helmets, knee and elbow pads, sunscreen, gloves, insect repellent and appropriate footwear.

First aid kit

When going on an adventure tour, injuries are inevitable. This can be highly dangerous if the location is in a remote area with no emergency medical services or local pharmacies. Thus, it is important to have a health kit with you at all times since you never know when you will get injured. The kit should include certain essentials such as antibiotic ointment, tweezers, bandages, saline solution and calamine lotion. You might also need water purification tablets, sunscreen and lip balm. Although these items will not prevent an injury, they can reduce the risk for a serious infection.


This is something that most people fail to do. It is imperative to get travel vaccinations if you are flying abroad for a vacation. The type of vaccination you get will vary according to the destination and your personal health condition and previous ailments. Talk to your personal travel specialist and get yourself vaccinated at least a week before the journey. This will reduce your susceptibility to various illnesses in the area.


Any individual with a medical history must take the necessary medications with him or her during the tour. You will not be able to run to the pharmacy during an emergency. Thus, it is important for you to have your daily medications with you at all times. For instance, if you get an asthma attack or develop an allergy during the activity, you will need your medications or at least a prescription from your physician to obtain the medication at a pharmacy nearby.

Thus, it is important to remember that adventure tours are not only filled with high levels of adrenaline and excitement, but high levels of danger too. Hence, you must take the necessary precautions well ahead if you wish to return home safe and sound.

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