Road Trip Playlists: Our Recommendations

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Even the most exciting road trip can get a little dull at times. After all, the miles upon miles of open road can feel monotonous, especially after several hours—or days—of driving. A road trip playlist can add a little life to your adventure and keep you singing and dancing until you get to your destination. You’d be surprised by how quickly your road trip passes with the right music. When you’re designing your road trip playlist, remember this: the key to a successful playlist is variety. Tap into different musical eras and genres to maintain your interest and keep your passengers entertained. So, before you pick up your RV rental and hit the road, create a road trip playlist inspired by these categories.

Driving-Inspired Tunes

No road trip playlist is complete without some songs about hitting the open road with the wind in your hair. So, be sure to stock your road trip playlist with some of these hits. Naturally, Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway” is a must to kick off your road trip. Add the soul of Ray Charles to your playlist with a little “Hit the Road Jack.” Perhaps pop is more your thing. If so, try Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” or Rhianna’s “Shut Up and Drive.” Each of these songs is inspired by a life on the road, making them perfect for your next road trip.

Wake-Me-Up Hits

If a long drive is leaving you drowsy, you need some road-trip songs that’ll wake you up. Choose a few upbeat songs that’ll keep you singing and dancing as you cruise down the road. Bruno Mars’ songs are a great place to start. Try “24 Karat Magic” or “Uptown Funk” to get you dancing. Don’t forget some throwback Michael Jackson tunes, such as “The Way You Make Me Feel” or “Billie Jean.” If you’re still a little too tired from that long drive, add a little Beyonce’s “Bootylicious” to get you dancing in the driver’s seat.

Rockin’ Records

Classic rock goes hand in hand with road trips, and you have plenty of these songs to add to your playlist. Get fired up with Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild.” Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a 6-minute masterpiece, so it’ll take up more time, and you can challenge yourself to see if you can remember all of the words. Bon Jovi makes every road trip more exciting, so add the classic “Livin’ on a Prayer” to your playlist. Add a few classic anthems into your playlist, such as Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Night,” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Chances are you’ll be belting out these classics as you travel closer to your destination.


Mixing and matching some old-school hits and classic songs with more contemporary ones gives your road trip playlist plenty of variety. That way, you’ll keep both yourself and your passengers engaged, no matter their taste in music. So, when you’re mapping out your next RV road trip, take some time to create a killer playlist that makes that drive go by a little bit faster.

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