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Packing For Your Beach Wedding

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Getting married on the beach comes with a different set of necessities than getting married at a church or other venue. There are certain things that you will need to pack for your beach wedding to avoid having to purchase these things when you get there.

Sunscreen and a swimsuit are the first two essentials you will need to pack, especially if you plan to go to the beach before the day of your wedding. It is important to use the sunscreen so you don’t wake up on your wedding day with a sunburned back, face or other body part that all eyes will be on for your big day.

Boat shoes or other waterproof shoes are also recommended. Though you may choose to go shoeless for your beach wedding you’ll need shoes that can handle the sand and water the rest of the time. You’ll also want these on hand if you plan on spending any time on any type of boat either before or after your wedding.

Wedding Favors

If you are getting married on a wide open beach, as opposed to a small and secluded one, consider packing a pair of binoculars. Though you may be able to rent a pair at your destination, you will probably find that buying a pair makes more sense financially. Binoculars can be a great item to have on you if you plan on doing any activities such as bird watching while you are there. Viewing far off lighthouses is also easier to do with a pair of binoculars.

Depending on where your beach wedding takes place, and if you enjoy the game, packing golf clubs can be helpful as well. Many resort and beach towns will have at least one golf course that you and/or your new spouse may want to play a round on.

Beach towels are an obvious item that you will need to pack. To avoid having to do laundry, try to bring several beach towels so that you have a clean, dry towel every time you go to the beach. This will also give you something soft to sit on when you are gazing out at the ocean before you.

Don’t forget to bring along something fun for you and your guests to enjoy after the sun starts to go down on the beach. Items such as neon glow sticks or wedding sparklers can be a lot of fun at night, and sparklers are usually well accepted since you’ll be on a beach near water and there really aren’t many fire hazards.

A beach tent can also be a good item to pack if you plan on spending a significant amount of time there. When the sun becomes too much and you just need some shade, you’ll find it easy to duck into your tent and even take a nap if necessary.

Beauty products that will protect your hair from the sun and saltwater you typically experience on a beach are also must have items for your wedding. The proper shampoo, conditioner and hair spray can go a long way in preventing your hair from becoming frizzy or dried out during your time at the beach. Packing a bottle of dry shampoo makes it easy to fix your hair after being on the beach all day.

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