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Considered the world’s epicenter of finance, media, theater, art, fashion, entertainment, filled with historically significant icons, New York City attracts nearly 60 million international and domestic visitors every year. It is a shopping mecca and a gastronomical nirvana. No wonder New York is consistently ranked among the top travel destinations in the world!

There is no argument New York City offers something for every interest. Covering some 325 square miles the city’s 5 boroughs; Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan boasts 28,000 acres of parks and 14 linear miles of beaches.  In addition to 500 art galleries, 40 theaters and 24,000 restaurants NYC is home to some of the most recognized landmarks in the world including; Times Square, Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, United Nations, Statute of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Rockefeller Center.

The problem with visiting a vibrant city like New York is not about finding something to do, but rather choosing the best venue among the hundreds of thrilling options. The next most critical concern for the intrepid explorer is finding an expeditious way go get around.

A tourist can easily become overwhelmed with the options available.  Enter the bundle transportation fleets that cater to the time-sensitive, attraction curious, budget-conscious explorer about New York City.  The hop-on-hop-off services cater to visitors interested in top attractions like the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, United Nations, and Madison Square Garden. Passes are sold for unlimited travel for a predetermined number of days making exploration of the city a budget-friendly, leisurely option.

An added benefit of the hop-on-hop-off travel options are the pre-purchased attraction tickets. When visiting some of the most popular venues results in standing in line for hours to buy admission tickets, the opportunity to “do it all” is gobbled up in a New York minute! Buying one of the new york pass programs becomes the smart move.

Here’s how the pass system works. Travelers purchase a tour book, “smart card,” or download a mobile tour app.  Smart cards have a computer chip embedded – like a credit card. The cards or apps are “loaded” with access information to specific attractions depending on the package options. Activation of the pass begins at the first attraction.  Access to selected attractions, bus transportation, and reservations are taken care of BEFORE arrival. Most featured venue admissions are deeply discounted in pass packages.

   Packages offered by the more popular New York pass companies vary.

  • New York City PASS sells packages of preset and optional attractions for 9 days beginning with the first activation. Ticket booklets or vouchers may be purchased at designated kiosks or partner attractions.  The booklets contain actual tickets for venues so you can skip lines and enter at your leisure.
  • Gray Line FreeStyle Pass provides perhaps the most flexible of all transport/attraction packages.  The FreeStyle Pass offers unlimited hop-on-hop-off transportation for 72 hours and 40 top attractions. The double-decker busses host a Night Tour of the city. It is the only company that offers route loops including downtown, uptown, Brooklyn and the Bronx with 30 stops. Attraction tickets are purchased with 3 or 5 venue admission choices to top venues. Gray Line also has a Go Airlink airport shuttle option to add to packages.

A visit to New York should be about making memories of doing half a million things at a quarter of three, not remembered as time wasted standing in long lines, worrying about transportation, or wandering around lost.  With a little planning and smart transportation choices you can make the most of everything the greatest city on earth has to offer!







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