Must see places in Agra

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The city of Agra situated on the banks of river Yamuna lies 130 kilometer to the south of New Delhi the capital of India. Agra is famous in the world for the Taj Mahal and tourist from all over the globe visit Agra just to see this wonder. There are several other places that are worth visiting and you can get to know about them by reading the article further.

Places of interest In Agra-

If you are in Agra you cannot face the problem of affordable lodging facility and hotels in Agra take pride in giving you a reasonable and affordable service to make you feel at home.

Besides the Taj Mahal which is famous worldwide for its modern architecture and artistic designing, Agra the city has many other places of interest which people can visit to have a satisfying travel experience. Let’s look in detail about few of the most wonderful tourist sites in Agra-

Agra fort– often called as the red fort of Agra, it is a world heritage site and can give you a rich experience with its fine building and state of the art designs of the monument.

Fatehpur Sikri– Again a world heritage site, Fatehpur Sikri is famous for displaying several buildings which depict historical importance and significance.

Mankameshwar Temple– A lord Shiva temple dedicated fully to his followers , this temple is one of the oldest temples in Agra and is situated at the corner of the Agra. You can visit this temple to relive the old style of temple made in India.

Every seven wonder of the world is wonderful in its own sense and the place or city in which they are located does not need much advertising to promote them. It is your responsibility as an avid traveler that you visit these places and discover what is of interest in these cities.

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