Luxury Expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Arctic and Antarctica expeditions? A severe adventure undertaken only by the hardiest of explorers? In fact, most people expect something like camp accommodation without any means of communication, not to mention months or even years of planning such a journey in advance. Frankly speaking, that was quite true until recently. However, for today, the Arctic and Antarctica expeditions available for ordinary tourists are very different from those written above. The leading providers of these unique services have made such trips not only safe but also comfortable, in particular, thanks to sophisticated ships equipped with all of the amenities and features you may only expect. Well-appointed accommodation, latest communication technologies, gourmet meals, exquisite beverages, and panoramic views from the private cabin – everything is in no way inferior to some of the most luxurious hotels. Plus, the Polar travelers have a chance to view thousands years old ice formations and wildlife that doesn’t exist outside that region!

The truth is that modern Antarctica and Arctic cruises have become fully equipped home bases for explorers and ordinary tourists. These days, even the most demanding expedition travelers with discerning tastes will feel comfortable on their way to the most remote places of our planet. Let’s just look at some of the well-known ships used by Poseidon for their trips to the Arctic and Antarctica!


Sea Spirit – Luxury Expedition Ship

This highly maneuverable vessel with a whole fleet of Zodiacs and ice-strengthened hull offers a welcoming and very friendly atmosphere for all its passengers. Providing comfortable social areas and spacious suites for 114 guests, the Sea Spirit is your chance to explore the Polar destinations in comfort and style. While on board, you can enjoy a contemporary restaurant, all-inclusive bar, library, full gym, games room, as well as presentation lounge and many other ship amenities of the highest level. Moreover, you may choose from different cabin categories starting from a standard classic one to a super-spacious Owner’s Suite. Anyway, no matter which of them you prefer, you are sure to be pleased with the exquisite atmosphere reigning on this fantastic ship.

50 Years of Victory – Modern Nuclear Icebreaker

The 50 Years of Victory or simply Victory is the world’s largest and most comfortable nuclear-powered icebreaker designed to crush multi-year ice layers that are three meters thick. Although it was not created with touristic purposes in mind and cannot be called elegant, the Victory still offers highly comfortable accommodation, casual atmosphere, friendly public spaces, and gourmet cuisine for its 128 passengers. Here you can find a superb dining room, bar and lounge with the front view, library, aft saloon, gym, and even a swimming pool with heated sea water and two saunas. Cabins are represented by several categories starting from standard Twin to spacious Arktika Suite. Each of them is just the best possible way to take you to the top of the world.

In this way, once you have decided to experience all the wonder of the Arctic or Antarctica expedition, be sure to do that with style. After all, traveling to the most remote corners of our planet is much more fantastic with a modern decked-out ship and comfortable cabin equipped with the latest technology!

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