Learning Some Travel Lessons the Hard Way

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On my last “mini-vacation” I visited one of our National Parks.  And I learned two things I’d like to pass on to those who are used to living in urban America.  The first is basic: what is identified as “1 mile” on a park sign means EXACTLY what it says. Number two is always check for local Groupon deals online.  We city folks who are used to traveling by car or bus tend to see distances in shorter terms.  When you have to actually WALK a mile – including changes in elevation (i.e., up or down hill) – it is a lot longer than “a few blocks” or “streets” away.  This is even more important if your skills at walking or hiking are untested.  So when we eagerly began the trail (?) to see the waterfall the guidebooks showed in vivid pictures, I carried my camera and my wife had her tablet and cell phone.  We expected a brief and pleasant stroll.  But, after 30 minutes on a gravel path lined with trees and vines I realized we were truly “in the woods”.  And when we passed some folks who stopped to rest we decided they had a good idea.  So we sat down on the next rock we came to.

And the hike was worth the sight!  The waterfall was a sight of pure natural grandeur made more attractive by the absence of commercial development that cheapens many places.  No gaudy hotels or signs or stands selling overpriced and cheaply made tourist trinkets marred the view.   I felt a greater appreciation for those who struggle to protect this and other sites from the onslaught of “civilization.”

The second lesson was one regarding the after-effects of such a jaunt: one must remember that unused muscles will definitely tell you they need your attention when they are unexpectedly overused.  Both my wife and I were sore after our hike up and down the trail to the waterfall.  While we certainly enjoyed our visit our bodies were now in need of a little TLC.  And local deals for a San Francisco Groupon Coupon massage is the first thing that came to mind.

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