Kick Off Your Holiday in Top Gear with an Affordable Car Rental

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In a world where 60 hour work weeks and late-night business emails are the norm, the rare times you actually get a holiday is precious. But with only 2 weeks or so to explore your chosen destination, your time away is limited. The last thing you want to do is waste it, yet so many visitors to British Columbia do by relying on public transportation or sightseeing buses to get to popular attractions. While doable, these methods force you to depend on someone else’s timetable. As a result, you could miss out on popular destinations as you squander valuable time between pickups, not to mention flat-out foregoing less trendy sites entirely because they’re not en route.

When it comes to the natural beauty of BC, sometimes it’s the less popular areas that hold the most beauty. Long stretches of highway are buffeted by breath taking scenery you can’t find anywhere else, and they can hide-away secret destinations that only locals are aware of. The only way to experience these locations at your own pace – in addition to popular attractions according – is by renting a car.

A car offers you the freedom of choice. When you control the means of travel, you and your buddies get to choose where and when you go someplace. Should your plans include leaving the Mainland for Vancouver Island, you won’t have to make special accommodations to get there. Simply contact one of the top car rentals Tsawwassen has to offer, sticking to those that operate near the ports so they can facilitate your travel plans to the Island without any hassle or fuss. Efficiency and convenience are calling cards of companies like Delta Car Rental, which has connected tourists with reliable cars for over 25 years. With drop-offs and pickups available at the Tsawwassen Port, the ferry terminals in Sydney and Victoria, as well as the Victoria International Airport at no extra charge, they give you the keys that unlock more of British Columbia on your trip.

With a top performing sedan like a Camry or Corolla, you make the most out of your short-lived holiday. Beholden to no one but yourself and your fellow travellers, you can organize your dream trip, seeing a different side of beautiful BC. Whether as a passenger or the driver, you’ll experience British Columbia like a local. More importantly, you’ll get to customize your travels so you only go to the sites and attractions that you want to see. Remember this the next time you start planning your holidays, and check out how a Tsawwassen car rental company can totally revolutionize the way you travel.

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