Full Moon Party Thailand-An Irresistible Frenzy Party

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The rise of the full moon on the dark night sky does not only herald days of religious significance for at the same time, this also summons thousands of enthusiastic party animals to Ko Phangan’s coast to celebrate and indulge in one of the island’s most exotic gatherings: Full Moon Party Thailand.

An After Dusk Full Blown Entertainment

Once every month in Thailand, under a full moon, people gather on the Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan to witness the full beauty of the moon.

About 10,000 people congregate on the beach at different venues that host parties such as Beach House Club, Backyard Club, Orchid, Cactus Bar, Drop Inn, Paradise and The Rock, just to name a few.

With the lively celebrations officially kicking off at dusk time, tables are laid out on the beach, lanterns are being lit and in time, the light of the moon takes over to create that perfect atmosphere and ambience for a one of a kind night out under the sparkling stars.

A Party Like No Other in Full Moon Party Thailand

Full Moon Party Thailand boasts of a frenzied atmosphere with fiery cocktails, roaring bonfires, and rhythms of techno and base that bellows over the sound of the waves that crash on the nearby shore.

The waxing and bright full moon serves as the ultimate backdrop to the event, with the ocean shore naturally lit up, with the rock and roll of the waves a sight that you will never forget.


You can choose to let yourself be swayed by the music, dance till you drop or simply bask in the festive atmosphere while you enjoy the one of a kind experience of taking part in this memorable event.

Entertainment levels are also taken up a notch higher with the fire eaters and jugglers that are truly a sight to behold.

As the night wears on, brilliant fire displays are also lit up. There is no also no need for you to worry that this will not be your kind of party as there will surely be all kinds of music to suit everyone, from pop, to reggae, trance, hardcore techno and so much more.

Drinks and food are also offered to keep the party going through the night, and with the crystal clear waters’ yearlong warm temperatures, many people, choose to take the plunge and celebrate in the sea.

There is no need to pay for any fee, only for the drink and food you take, so everyone can always join in the party and take in the atmosphere to your heart’s content.

Thousands of people plan their vacations in around the dates of Full Moon Party Thailand to make sure that they can experience this unique magical experience.

Originally started by a group of tourists who believed that the best full moon can be observed from Ko Phangan, Full Moon Party Thailand has now become a much coveted monthly event. Whether you are a party lover or not, this event is surely hard to miss out.

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