Food tour in Italy with exclusive cooking classes to make your holiday awesome

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The country of Italia is very highly revered for its tourist destinations but at the same time, the Italian food is another major reason the visitors keep on coming to the Italy. If you are a foodie and like to eat and cook as well, an ideal way for you to take a round of the Italy via a food tour where you can eat and learn the Italian food which is sure to give a refreshing taste to your sense organs.

You can also make online booking for these food tours and the website can help you in having an unforgettable experience in Italy with its exotic food tours. Here are some of the stand-out features of these food tours that can make you fall for them:

food on tour

A wide variety of food styles:

The one thing that excites the foodies the most is the variety of the food that they have on offer. In these tours, you are assured of minimum 16 different food varieties that means you are touring to atleast 16 food centres that can help you to add some lovely cuisines to your taste buds. You are also provided with learning classes by experts in these tours so that you can try these dishes out when you come back home after the tour is completed. The food tours are mostly organized in the local neighborhood where you can feel the real essence of Rome and Italy.

Guides that speak English:

One thing that is pretty tough to find in Italy is a tourist guide who can converse in English with ease and the  savor italy tours makes it possible for you. You will be provided with English speaking guide having good knowledge over the varieties of food in the Italia that would make it very easy for you to learn and discover these food varieties.

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