First Minibus/Coach Price Comparison Site For Britan—From Taxicode!

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Finally, UK travellers will be able to get the cheapest and most convenient bookings thanks to the launch of the first-ever nationwide minibus/coach price comparison site.  Bookings are available both online at as well as through the Taxicode App, available in the iTunes App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.

Taxicode, an independent booking service specializing in taxis and mini-cab booking services, already operates in every metropolitan area and town in the United Kingdom. The company has now leveraged that reach in order to offer customers a network of both coach and minibus companies, optimized to find the best possible deal in terms of both cost and availability. allows its visitors to not only compare prices, but to actually book and remit payment for up to 99 passengers.  There’s no need for a long or frustrating wait for unpredictable quotes—the site instantly compares rates, determining the least expensive and most convenient options from those available.  Multiple providers are considered, and costs are instantly calculated.


The new venture isn’t just a boon to consumers, either—with the UK coach and minibus industry estimated at a worth of over 3 billion dollars, the opportunities for profit seem endless—especially if Taxicode continues to innovate and provide consumers with increasingly efficient and effortless methods for accessing the most cost effective options for travel.

Taxicode had already revolutionized this aspect of the transport industry by providing UK-wide bookings for taxis.  Now, consumers can use a similarly sophisticated system to accommodate larger groups.  The company has long been a frontrunner in the UK transport industry, due to being one of the first to recognise the potential that online access to information could open up.  The explosion of mobile access has encouraged consumers to seek out providers that understand their desire to be accommodated when it comes to time sensitive needs, like transportation.

Taxicode’s understanding of this, as well as its reputation in the industry as a quality service provider that never shies away from incorporating ever more innovative methods of pleasing its clients, has helped it skyrocket to the forefront of its market.

Every day, companies are discovering new ways in which to make the consumer experience smoother, more streamlined, and more enjoyable.  Taxicode’s new comparison site is just another example of the incredible opportunities that await companies that are consistently enthusiastic about pleasing their clients in new ways.

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