Checking out the rest of the country – Breathtaking road trips from Paris

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Paris is undoubtedly a wonderfully romantic place which suits perfectly for first-time visitors, nature lovers and honeymooners but sometimes it is even more interesting to check out the rest of the country by setting out for an exciting road trip. So, if you think you have enough friends to enjoy a rather fun-filled road trip throughout the exotic places in Europe, you’ve clicked on the right post. In case you’re someone who doesn’t love stunning castles, splendid sceneries and picturesque towns, we’re sorry to have bored you but if you love them, you’re surely going to visit the below mentioned places. Check out some of the hottest destinations in and around Paris.

Destination #1: Chateau de Maintenon

Distance: 86 kms from Paris and 1.5 hour drive

Reason to visit: You can certainly visit Versailles but when it comes to your first road trip, tourists and travelers have a soft corner for this specific castle because it dates back to the 1200s. It was extremely popular as the private estate of Madame de Maintenon, who was deemed to be the second wife (the secret one) of King Louis XIV. The castle is a perfect amalgamation of warm and rosy tones with old and ancient architectural styles, much unlike any other chateau that you would visit.

Destination #2: Chantilly

Distance: 55 kms and 1 hour drive

Reason to visit: No, you must be thinking that this list is biased towards chateaus but this one is definitely a winner in this list. There’s this little hamlet which inspired Marie Antoinette’s little farm at Versailles, this is one of the most dazzling castles which any tourist has ever seen. Irrespective of whether it is summer or spring, you should definitely visit it. There is a majestic stable which gives you a splendid display of various animals and hence you should book a seat to watch the horses dance with ponies which is popular in France.

Destination #3: Orleans

Distance: 133 kms and 1.5 hour drive

Reason to visit: Joan of Arc constructed this town and made it popular when she wrecked the English in 1429 which made her even more famous. Orleans is pretty relevant and you won’t find any shortage of ancient buildings and old-fashioned streets which you will love to stroll at. This place is tiny but it will definitely give you a different change of pace from the busy and humdrum life of Paris as you will love to walk around the Loire River.

Destination #4: Meaux

Distance: 55kms and 50 minute drive

Reason to visit: If you wish to take a break in Paris, this is the place to be as it is one of the sleepiest town which has only 1 movie theater and one huge museum which deals with the First World War. However this place makes up with a number of historical buildings. This is a short yet satisfying journey.

So, if you’ve been searching for a perfect Paris tour guide, you can take into account the above mentioned destinations for a perfect enjoyable road trip.

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