Check If You Are Eligible To Travel to Canada

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Canada is a unique country to be within it which provides exciting opportunities for visitors. Apart from being a famous tourist destination for different entertaining and adventurous activities, the country is visited by travellers who want to avail medical treatment, to pursue short-term courses and for business meetings. Because of these, the federal government of Canada welcome visitors by launching several visitor visas allowing travellers to visit friends and family or for recreation or holiday.

Starting March 15, 2016, travellers who don’t normally need a visa should obtain electronic authorization travel to Canada before they fly or transit to Canada. The electronic authorization travel (eTA) is applicable to foreign nationals from countries exempt from having a visa to travel to Canada by air. Citizens of the United States and travellers who have a valid visa do not have to get an eTA. Check with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website if your country is eligible to get an eTA. There are some requirements to travel to Canada that every traveller needs to comply with.



Every travelling going to Canada should possess a passport issued from eligible country. This passport will be linked to his eTa and presented upon arrival in Canada.

No Criminal Record

The CIC states that a person is likely to be denied an eTA if he has been convicted of a crime that includes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Thus, foreign nationals should have no criminal history to get a Canadian etA. This denial covers a conviction that involved serious criminality or took place less than ten years ago. An eTA refusal to travel to Canada by air is intended for health and security reasons.

Good Health Condition

You may also be refused of an eTA to travel to Canada if you health conditions that may endanger public safety and health as well as cause excessive demands on social or health services. Thus, ensure before booking a flight that you are in good health.

If you are eligible to apply for an eTA, start your application online now. The application process will take just minutes. You will get an automated email that confirms receipt of your application. Such email will have the application number and the link to let you check the status of your application. Your eTA will be linked electronically to your passport and valid for either 5 years or until the expiration of your passport whichever comes first.

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