Best Sunsets in Asia

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One of the wonders of Asia is its immense array of killer sunset spots. Ask any professional traveler you know and they will surely give you more than enough suggestions on where you’ll find a great tropical paradise to watch the sun go down. When in Asia, it’s a must to see its world famous sunset spots from one country to another. To get everything started, here’s a compilation of the best spots to watch sunsets in Asia:

Sunset Asia

  1. The Helix Bridge, Singapore – Imagine how awesome it will be to be standing on the world’s first curved bridge just to watch the sun kiss the horizon of Singapore. The Helix Bridge is a paradise to every traveler who wishes to witness the sun hit the impressive Singapore skyline. It is a great spot to admire the wonderful views of the Singapore waterfront, and is specifically designed for guests to enjoy the country’s stunning panoramic views.
  2. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – Your sunset selfie will surely look stunning when you take it at Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. Whether you’re capturing the sunset while admiring the beauty of one of the 2,000 islets, or the floating villages across its emerald waters, Ha Long Bay will surely not disappoint. The lagoons, caves, and lime stones all look breathtaking at any time of the day, but all of them look more magical while the sun sets.
  3. Boracay, Philippines – When you talk about tropical paradise, Boracay, Philippines will always be on top of the list. This island is popular for its long stretch of white powdery sand and colorful dusk sky. Just like many travelers from all over the world, you will surely be enchanted at how calming and magical sunset in Boracay is. You don’t even need a high-end camera or the newest smart phone since this paradise will do all the tricks for you to grab that Instagram-worthy photo.
  4. Krabi, Thailand – Beautiful beaches and outdoor adventures are just some of the reasons why travelers keep going back to Krabi. On top of it all, the place also gives you plenty of options on where to best watch the sun set. Whether you prefer to watch it along the Railay Beach or the Ao Nang Beach, you will definitely go home satisfied. Some even choose to hop on a sunset cruise so they can grab a cocktail in the middle of the ocean as the sun goes down.
  5. Bagan, Myanmar – The immense number of temples scattered across the land of Bagan create a much more appealing backdrop as the sun drops behind the Arakan Mountain range.  You will surely find the sunset a great reward after a day of nonstop tour from one temple to another. If you’re willing to spend a little extra money just to avoid the crowd and to capture a more unique photo, you can always ascend to the sky in a hot air balloon.

One ride will cost you MMK 394,026 (USD 300) – a reasonable amount that will give you enough chance to see the best of Bagan from a different point of view.

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