Best North East Vietnam Tours

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The North East Vietnam tours offer travellers an unrivalled opportunity to explore the exclusive regions of Vietnam. A variety of drive through the breath-taking landscapes with visits to different towns, historic sites, and hillsides, providing tourists with the unique culture of the region. The North East Vietnam tours will take travellers through many of the remote areas in the northern regions of Vietnam. With unique sceneries, diverse culture and colourful markets, the regions offer tours that are unforgettable.

The North Vietnam offers mountainous regions with an exceptional opportunity to explore the area. Some of the regions are the least travelled areas of the north and pulls in many tourists to Vietnam who desire to explore some of the remote areas. The tours come with beautiful scenic views and amazing group of tribal minority.

The North East Vietnam is located in a region abundant in history and agriculture and in addition, is an area that is well developed for industry and tourism. Beautiful Halong Bay and Lang Son attract an unlimited group of travellers who sail peacefully through the picturesque outcrops of rocky limestone while the buzzing Ha Giang is an important region for trade and industry.


Exclusive tours can be arranged for the North Vietnam travel, including the North East Vietnam tours. Travelers have a lot of options. Tours can be custom-made to meet tourist’s interests and schedules.

Travelers can start their tours from Hanoi, visiting different regions including Lang Son and Cao Bang. Explore the most wonderful waterfall called Thac Ban Gioc, in addition to the Pac Bo cave. North Vietnam is suitable for the tourists who love culture, nature, and exploring the unusual tracks in a remote region.

During the tours, the start of the day will find tourists leaving Hanoi, the capital city for some hours’ drive to a city such as Lang Son. When tourists arrive in any outskirt city, they can check out the local market. Other areas include visiting the stunning mountain roads along Cao Bang. The drive along this region is loaded with terrific views of beautiful valleys and colourful mountain tribes.

Travelers can spend a day discovering the untouched nature of Cao Bang as they head out to Ban Gioc Waterfall. This waterfall is the largest in the country and is located in the midst of great views. Tourists will have sufficient time to unwind or go for a swim in its turquoise blue waters.

There are many things to see and do in the North Vietnam. Along the way, tourists can have a stop over as they visit the nearby markets to get familiar with the locals as they bargain their items. After lunch, travellers can go back to Cao Bang as well as visit the Ba Be National Park. Tourists can meet up and mingle with the Tay tribe in Tay village and experience their culture by staying at the traditional long house overnight.

There is also a boat trip to enjoy the breath-taking view of Ba Be Lake and its mountains. Visit Dau Dang Waterfall that is just a short stroll away before venturing out to some of the minority villages, along the way, enjoying a picnic while on the tour.

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