Before A Trip: Getting The Best Car Care Service Available

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One of the most basic and most important things to do on any planned road trip is the obvious–having your auto checked by long-standing, reliable and reputable service people. Not really rocket science is it? 

That being said, you’d be surprised at the number of service calls national automobile clubs get daily for problems that could have been totally avoided had a good service check been done–before leaving on a trip.

Management Training: The Key To Superior Auto Service 

Thankfully, there are still some service dealers, such as the Meineke Franchise Car Care Centers, that still give the professional and reliable service that you need. Backed by their highly specialized training program of the best in auto maintenance technicians, you can rest assured that you’ve come to more than a mere oil change franchise.Image result for Before A Trip: Getting The Best Car Care Service Available

Guaranteed To Help You Succeed

Across the board, these professional car care centers have become virtual community fixtures throughout the United States. Moreover, they have been structured to train their manager trainees at the highest level of management skills available.

Car Care Franchises You Can’t Lose With

Within the initial two-week training period, each franchisee receives all the tools needed to give you the very best in auto service for that special business trip or family trip of a lifetime.

Management trainees are there to demonstrate their skills, integrity and dependability–and many go on to open their second franchise location within a relatively short time.

Operating with the distinctive “300 Percent” rule, these franchises can’t help but present a win-win situation for investors, franchise owners and car owners especially. In essence, the 300 Percent rule consists of the following three features:

– One hundred percent of the autos coming into the center get inspected.
– One hundred percent of the autos get estimates before starting work on the auto.
– One hundred percent of the auto owners actually get the estimates presented to them first.

So solidly effective and appealing is the 300 Percent rule for those who get their cars serviced, that many consider this focus the core of the entire franchise policy and strategy. 

So you can plainly see, when you take your car in for that pre-trip check-up, you’re guaranteed that your vehicle is receiving the best quality car service in the industry; it’s virtually a default service center for people everywhere. 

Since 1972, Meineke has become the go-to option for people in need of complete car care for their vehicles. Consistently selected and ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as number one in Category, and the 50th overall best franchise for 2016, your car or future couldn’t be in better hands. A quick visit to the company website gives you a better idea of what awaits both you and your potential future investment opportunity–for the future is now!

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