Amsterdam Shooting Experience and Party Bus Transfer

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This year I landed the unfortunate job of organising the lad’s summer getaway.  A spate of arguments with the girlfriends, bosses, parents and other authority figures lent a sense of urgency to the whole affair, not least because I left it to the week before we were meant to leave!

Fortunately I pulled it out of the hat as usual.  I chose Amsterdam for our destination, a great choice this year (regardless of whether) for a whole host of reasons, not least because the flights were incredibly cheap.

Using a couple of different tour and holiday companies I booked us a series of different activities including the Amsterdam Shooting experience, and the Amsterdam Party bus transfer – here’s how it went!

We arrived late and slightly drunk – standard holiday shenanigans…


Our flight was late in to Schipol airport, and we were worried we might have missed our Amsterdam Party Bus Transfer pick up.  Fortunately our driver was waiting for us at the airport entrance and we were all aboard about 45 minutes after touching down.

The Amsterdam Party Bus Transfer was a great call.  The Bus had awesome lighting and a great sound system, plus a tonne of beer on board – the lads were pretty thirsty after the flight.  We got whisked over to our hotel where we settled in a got ready for out night out – a pub crawl recommended by our driver.

Amsterdam’s tourist industry appears to be fairly predatory.  When we mentioned we didn’t know what we were up to that evening our driver virtually it our arms of pushing the bar crawl.  As it turned out it was really good – we hit 5 bars, had a tonne of shots and met some other tourists who we agreed to try to catch up with again (never saw them again.  Not even a glimpse.).

We fended off the demands of the hulking night manager that we return the next day, hoping to find atlest obviously tourist orientated area.

Shooting was a great holiday activity

The Amsterdam shooting experience far surpassed expectations.  The shooting club was handily situated in the city centre, close to a canal.  It was somewhat non-descript – a small, singular door wedged between two venerable looking Amsterdam townhouses.  The club opened up like the Tardis on the inside, revealing a cosy cafeteria and a fully equipped shooting gallery.

The lads and I spent a couple of hours at the Amsterdam Shooting Experience, trying out their selection of pistols and rifles.  It was a great experience, and unlike anything we’d tried back in the UK.

We spent the next day and a half sampling some of the city’s coffee shops and restaurants, before we ended up on another pub crawl on our final night!  All in the entire whole trip was a big success.  We were glad of the Amsterdam Party Bus Transfer on our last day when it picked us up to take us all back to the airport – it was great going out with a bang!

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