Amazing Hikes Around the World

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Put on your hiking boots and pick a trail, for these are some of the most popular hikes around the globe. Some of them are amateur-friendly and some are not, so make sure to inform yourself additionally whichever path you choose.


Australia is a spectacular continent with a variety of amazing tours  to indulge your adventurous spirit in. But few of them are as accessible as Blue Mountains tours in NSW. They are located very close to Sydney, and are the home of the Glenbrook Gorge, a short trail at only 3 km, but a true beauty. Finish your trek with a dip in the Jellybean Pool.

Himalayas (India, Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal)

Even small children know that the most important mountain you can climb on this planet is Mount Everest, the Top of the World. Mount Everest is the ultimate goal of anybody attempting to hike the Himalayas, which can be done from many countries, depending on how short or long you want your trip to be. The ascent is extremely challenging, and there is no way one can reach the top without help from brave sherpas. The Himalayas are also scattered with stunning ancient monasteries, such as the one in Ladakh.

This is definitely a hike that you have to prepare for by completing several other challenging hikes. It takes an incredible amount of willpower, endurance, and experience.


The name says it all for Kungsleden, or King’s Trail. This legendary and beautiful European trail is 440 km long, which is a huge distance that takes a long period of time, and even more preparation to cover. It is also a popular choice for experienced hiking companies. The sights included are the Arctic Circle, Swedish birch forests, the tundra, glaciers… it can be quite scary if you are not a fan of the cold. However, once you complete it, you will be able to call yourself a viking for sure!



Mount Kilimanjaro may not be the tallest peak, but it is the most beautiful African mountain that you can climb. This is a trully great way to experience rainforests and deserts, snow and the savannah during just one eventful climb.


The Incas left behind beautiful ruins, and the big stone cities must have looked breathtaking in their hayday. One of the biggest Inca holdouts, Machu Picchu, is located on the most popular South American hiking path – the Inca Trail, 43km long.

Utah, USA

The US is a huge continent, with plenty of mountain ranges all around, and even though the Rocky Mountains are the most popular, few places draw more attention than the Grand Canyon. Now, if you are looking for a Grand Canyon feel, but are a hiker at heart, then the Zion National Park, by the Virginia River is your best chance. The Narrows in Zion National Park stretch 26 km, and the trek is half water, half hike. It can be accomplished in one day, but where’s the rush?

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