5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting a Car In the UK

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Photo by Noel_Bauza, CC0 1.0

Every country has its own set of rules, regulations, features, excitement and fun. When you are in the UK, renting a car can have its own advantages. But before you rent a car in the UK, keep the following things in mind:

Check out these 5 factors before you rent a car in UK

  1. Your Driving License

If you are planning to drive a rental car, then, ensure that your driving license is valid and hasn’t expired. In the UK, overseas drivers can drive any car as long as they possess a valid license. You may also have to present your credit card which is accepted as a deposit while picking up the vehicle. Do ask them about the license and credit card terms before you hire the vehicle. Though, you may also consider hiring services of car rental companies like EuroSelfDrive and others.

  1. Check the Rental Agreement

The rental agreement is the formal contract and it contains the rules and conditions that the rental company puts forward which you have to abide by if you sign it. It will include the cost to be incurred, the details of the vehicle, extra facilities, and the hire period and so on. You can also look for insurance clauses and look for any additional charges. When you read the agreement carefully, you can decide what you require and what you don’t. For example, some companies may charge extra for a child’s seat but if you have facilities for the same, you do not have to take it and you can save money on it.

  1. Accident or Damage Clause

Some companies may have certain clauses to be followed if the car has an accident or any damage happens to it while you are travelling in it. In case, you agree to any such policy, you may end up paying extra and that can make your car rental expensive. What you can do is opt for a standalone policy which comes very cheap and is calculated per day. That means, you just pay for the days you rent the car and this would be very beneficial to you. Not only does it offer better protection and cover but it is also much cheaper.

  1. Check the Vehicle

Once you are given the car, do not just accept the keys blindly and drive away. Check the vehicle thoroughly. First, check for any damages and if you spot anything, inform them immediately. Second, do a test drive to familiarize yourself with the car. Third, do learn about the controls and other factors. Check the fuel, seats, etc. Most of the rental cars are in good condition and the companies hand it over to their customers only after thorough checking. Yet, you need to be cautious and it is better to be satisfied rather than regret later.

  1. Fuel, Parking and Tolls

Check for the fuel clause. There might be three cases – one in which you pay for the full tank and take the car, second, you may fill the fuel with your own money and return the vehicle with an empty tank or else. These conditions will be specified to you by the company. Then, comes in the parking factor. Abide by the parking rules in the UK or you may have to pay extra if the car is towed away. Third, do know the tolls on the way and the amount you will have to pay. And keep the money ready. If you are not paying the toll, then you will be asked to pay the extra amount when you return the car. So, avoid all the hassles and obey the terms and the rules.

When you are in a certain country as a tourist or if you are planning on a tour within your country, you may need a car or you may miss your favorite four-wheeler beast. The reason could be many – maybe you are missing the comfort of your own car or the flexibility it offers or the public transport has drained your energy. At such times, it is best to rent a car.

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