5 Important Gear You Need To Take Along For Kayak Fishing

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Planning on a Kayak fishing trip? If yes, I guess you are still trying to figure out what and what not to carry. The truth is, kayak fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy the ocean, but not when you have the wrong gear.

The fact is, unlike any other regular fishing boat, a kayak doesn’t have enough space to store all kinds of items. You need to be able to choose between what is more important and what is not.

In this article, I’ve listed the five most important items that will make your kayak fishing experience worth remembering.

  1. A fish finder

Even with the right fishing rod and a luring bait, you won’t catch your favorite fish by just dropping the bait into the ocean. Kayak fishing is all about guessing, and the only way to increase your chances is to set your trap at the right place. Fortunately, you need nothing more than selecting one of the best kayak fish finders.

When you are targeting your favorite species, the worst thing you can do is guess and scare them off. If you are well-acquainted with where the fish you are aiming to catch is living, you can use a fish finder to figure out the structure and depth of the bottom. A fish finder offers a dual screen of column depth preventing any guesses. Also, you can use it to find your bait when it fails to appear on the surface. If you’ve not figured out anything yet, you can try Nor Cross Hawk Eye F33P.


  1. Hand-held GPS

When you are in the middle of the sea, the last thing you want is getting lost. It might be a rare case, but even pro kayakers lose their way on the open water. The good news is, this will never happen provided you carry with you a handheld GPS. The last time you went out fishing, you might have seen people using fallen trees to mark their favorite kayak fishing spots. What they forget is that one strong wave can move anything and a fallen tree isn’t an exception.

“GPS is one gadget you can count on, not only when it comes to finding your way back to starting point, but also knowing where to fish,” says James Moore of FishingKayaksGuide.com.

 Unlike your smartphone, a GPS stores power for an extended period, waterproof and the best part, doesn’t need any data to map making it the best choice for kayak fishing. If you are looking for something that won’t disappoint, I would recommend The Garmin GPSMAP 421.

  1. An Anchor Trolley System

After finding your favorite fishing spot using a hand-held GPS, you would want your kayak to stay still. Unless you have all the time to adjust your position each time you hear something moves, an Anchor Trolley system will save you some time and effort. Remember, you don’t want to waste a lot of time changing positions while at the same time scaring your favorite fish away.

You want them running towards your bait as if there is nothing there. A trolley system allows you to attach the anchor to the kayak. A pulley at the rigging’s end enables you to adjust your kayak’s anchor with ease. With an anchor trolley system, you won’t need multiple cleats. It offers you a positioning that is flexible with changing currents and winds, compatible with many anchors and the best part, affordable.

  1. A paddle leash

Even with your GPS, you can’t get anywhere without a paddle. Kayak fishing might get so exciting especially when you sense an incredible weight. If you don’t watch out, you might lose your paddle. Luckily, that never happens for anglers who remember to add a paddle leash to their kayak fishing experience.

No matter how powerful the waves might get, how forgetful or clumsy you are, a paddle leash will enable you to maintain your paddle at its right position throughout your fishing trip. A paddle leash is simple a bungee material you use to leather a paddle to a kayak reducing chances of it getting into depths when it goes overboard. Unfortunately, not all paddle leashes you find on the market are reliable. To be on the safe side, use premier paddle kayak gripper or Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle leash.

  1. A Kayak Cart

You won’t be going with your vehicle into the water, right?. You will have to park it some distance away from the water. But how do you get your kayak onto the sea? Simple, by using a kayak cart. A cart enables you to move your Kayak with everything in it to a destination you want without much sweat.

There are several carts for your choosing. You can go with plug-in strapped or end carts. End carts don’t need anything connecting them to the kayak, strapped carts go with several kayak sizes and lastly, Plug in carts are plugged into kayak’s scupper holes. Depending on the kayak you are having, you will always need the best cart for it. Just ensure that whatever you choose does not cause any damages.

The bottom line

Depending on how you want it, a kayak fishing experience can be fun and adventurous at the same time. But you don’t want to be missing any necessary gear when you are at your favorite spot and when your favorite fish emerges. With the five must-have gears mentioned above, your next kayak fishing trip will never be a disappointment.

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